3 Personal Care Needs A Senior Home Care Service Can Assist With

Senior citizens who want to age in place usually recognize they will likely require some outside assistance to do so. And while friends and family may be able and willing to offer some assistance, they probably won't be able to help with everything.

Additionally, some things may be uncomfortable for both parties. For example, grooming and personal care needs are often better handled by a professional. Here are three personal care needs better left to a senior care service professional.

1. Bathing

Most people don't like to be naked in front of others. It can leave a person feeling very vulnerable and exposed. It can also be embarrassing for an adult child to assist their parents with bathing.

However, most accidents happen in the bathroom and many of these are centered around getting in and out of the tub or shower. The injury rate is particularly high in seniors 65 and older as they have the highest injury rate. Women are injured more frequently than men.

Hiring a personal care service to come in on bathing days can make this important routine safer and more comfortable for everyone. A personal care provider can help with assistance in and out of the tub, shampooing the hair, and being watchful for any safety hazards, such as water on the floor.

2. Toileting

While bathing is potentially dangerous for senior citizens, most bathroom accidents actually happen getting on or off the toilet. Older people may underestimate the distance to the toilet and fall as they are trying to sit down.

Some people may have postural hypotension and become dizzy as they stand back up once they have finished their business. Others still may lose their balance as they try to wipe, which can be difficult as one grows older. And of course, most bathrooms don't have a soft place to land should one fall.

Installing grab bars adjacent to the toilet as well as a raised toilet seat can reduce the likelihood of falls, but for those seniors who aren't very steady on their feet, having someone in the home to assist with toileting can be a tremendous help and provide peace of mind.

3. Grooming

Shaving, plucking stray eyebrows, and clipping toenails are all necessary tasks. However, performing these tasks becomes more difficult as one ages. It can be difficult to see well enough or bend over far enough. A personal care service provider can assist with these chores.

For more information about senior home care services, contact a home health care service.