Questions You Might Have About Hiring An In-Home Senior Care Service

If a loved one in your life is growing older and is no longer able to care for themselves at home, you may wish to hire an in-home senior care service. These professionals can provide your loved one with services that allow them to remain in their home, in a safe and healthy manner, for longer, rather than having to go into nursing care. Since this is probably a process you have not gone through before, it is normal to have a few questions, such as the following. 

What services will be performed?

In most cases, this will be up to you and your loved one to decide. Sometimes the senior might just need a little help with basic chores, such as doing laundry and preparing meals. Other times, they might need more medically focused care. They might need someone to give them medications or put their pills in a pill container so they can take them on schedule. If you are not sure what services your loved one would benefit from, ask the care company if they provide assessments. They might be able to send someone out to spend a day with your loved one and determine what services they would benefit from the most.

How often will the provider be there?

Again, this depends on several factors. If your loved one needs help with their medications, the care service will usually send someone out daily, perhaps just for an hour or two to check in on the senior and make sure everything is set. If your loved one just needs chores performed, then the service might send someone once or twice a week to complete the necessary tasks. You can always scale the services up or down if your loved one's needs change.

How can you ensure the in-home care provider is trustworthy?

When someone is coming into your loved one's home, of course you want to make sure they are trustworthy. You can do this by working with an organization that does background checks on all of its employees. If your loved one needs any sort of medical care, make sure the organization sends out nurses or certified nursing assistants to the homes. Always hire a caregiver through an organization, not someone who works independently and may or may not have the required certifications.

In-home care can be beneficial and freeing for seniors. To learn more, reach out to an in-home senior care provider near you.