Should You Hire In-Home Care For A Senior You Can't Visit During A Pandemic?

Amid all the craziness of the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020, senior citizens perhaps suffered more fear than others. With older people with existing health issues being more at risk of contracting an illness during a pandemic, it forces already lonesome seniors to spend more time at home. If you yourself have always tended to the needs of an elderly relative and a pandemic forces you to stay away due to shelter-in-place orders, you may be wondering if it is a good idea to hire in-home care to help. Here is a closer look at a few things to consider in such a crisis. 

Most in-home care providers do continue to operate on a full scale. 

Even though many businesses do close and halt operations during a pandemic, in-home care services usually do not unless there are extreme circumstances. These companies are essential businesses that many people do rely on. Therefore, if you must have help to care for an elderly relative because you can't, it is always a good idea to reach out to one of these care providers for help. 

In-home care needs can be amplified during a pandemic. 

Even though you may need assistance with caring for your loved one, it is important to understand that the need for these services can grow during a pandemic because there will be many people in the same situation as you. Due to this fact, it may be a bit harder to find a care provider who has an opening available to care for your loved one. But be patient. If a company does not have an opening available, they will still add your name to a waiting list and give you a call when something changes and they can visit your loved one. 

You can still play a role in the well-being of your loved one when you can't visit. 

You may be under strict orders to stay at home, but there are still ways that you can help with the well-being of your loved one during a pandemic. Make sure you give them a call a few times a day, encourage them to stay active, or even get in touch with a friend or other relative who can stop in for a visit as long as they are not ill. Following these measures until you can get in-home care to your family member's home will do a lot to keep their mind occupied and them at ease.