Why Physical Therapy Is a Must if You've Experienced Brain Damage

Going through brain damage can be extremely traumatic and can leave you feeling vulnerable and helpless. It doesn't help that there's a high likelihood that you're struggling physically in addition to potential mental symptoms like memory loss. If you're home and recovering from brain damage, you should consider signing up for physical therapy. Here's why.

1. Brain Damage Has Far-Reaching Consequences

Brain damage can come from all kinds of things, ranging from injuries, brain tumors, and surgery to remove them, or even certain types of illnesses or viruses. While the exact symptoms may vary depending on the type of brain damage you've experienced and its severity, almost all forms of brain damage impact one's physical ability to some extent. This is because when the brain is damaged, established pathways that your brain typically uses to communicate and control your body may not function properly anymore. This can make it hard to do even the simplest things, like gripping objects or walking.

2. The Brain Can Rewire Itself

The good news is that people's brains have the ability to develop new pathways when they're damaged. There are even cases of people who have had the two hemispheres of the brain separated in order to control severe, frequent seizures developing new pathways that help them to function normally again. So whatever you've been through and whatever symptoms you're having now, know that there's still hope.

3. Getting Help

Although your brain can rewire itself, it needs some help doing so. Just like when you were a child, you need to practice the basics all over again until the brain figures out new ways of controlling these behaviors. To do that, it's strongly recommended that you hire a physical therapist. Physical therapists are trained to teach people how to use their bodies all over again from the ground up, whether they're experiencing brain damage like you or have been through a different kind of physical injury.

The best way to go about this is to hire someone to take you through physical therapy in your own home. In-home physical therapy can eliminate the need to travel and may help you to feel more comfortable than doing it in a hospital or medical office setting. Your physical therapist will assess your abilities and take a look at your medical records before creating a plan of action to help you to re-learn how to use your body.

Going through brain damage can be hard, which is all the more reason you need help. Contact in-home physical therapy services to learn more.