Is Your Mother at the Last Stages of Her Terminal Illness?

If your mother has been battling a terminal illness for a very long time, you have probably been at her side more often than not. Maybe your prayers at the beginning of your mother's illness were in the form of asking God to cure her. As time went by, maybe you realized that a cure wasn't in God's plan for your beloved mother. If that's true, maybe your prayers changed. As the illness progressed, maybe you were asking for the blessing that she would not suffer and that she would feel loved and at peace as the days passed. You might have even prayed that the Lord would take her so that she could finally be rid of her disease. 

Hospice Care at Home

If any of those words sound very familiar, perhaps you have already arranged for hospice care in your home. The hospice caregivers will be compassionate men and women who have the training and the experience to help your mother in many ways. For instance, if she is still taking medication, the hospice workers will take care of that. If your mother has developed painful bedsores, the hospice caregivers will know how to treat the sores so that they won't be as painful. While the hospice workers are at your home, don't feel obligated to stay with your mother. This will be the perfect time for you to do things like shower, take a little nap, or even run an errand or two. If you do these things, remember that the hospice workers will call you right away if they feel you should be by your mother's bedside. 

Care at a Hospice Center

Maybe circumstances don't allow you to stay with your mother. For instance, maybe you can't leave your place of business. For whatever reason that your mother can't receive hospice care at home, don't hesitate to place her in a hospice facility. She will receive the same compassionate care that she would have received at home. You can make requests of the hospice workers, too. For instance, maybe you know that your mother would love to listen to the oldies songs she used to play. Provide the music and the hospice workers will make sure that it is played for her. Maybe you remember that your mother loved the smell of lavender candles. If so, bring the candles and the hospice workers will make sure that they will be placed in her room.

The hospice workers will be looking out for you, too. Don't hesitate to open your heart to them. They will probably have just the right words that you need to hear.