Companion Care Provider Keeps Your Parent Company And Supervises Them While You're At Work

If you take care of your parent in your home, but you still work during the day, you may benefit from companion care for part of the day. If you feel uneasy about leaving your parent home alone, a companion can keep your parent company and supervise them so you know your parent will be safe until you get home. Here's how companion care works.

Companion Care Doesn't Include Personal Care

Companions are different from home health aids. If your parent needs help bathing and dressing, you may need help from a home health agency that can send someone to your home to bathe, dress, and feed your parent. A companion doesn't provide personal care. Instead, they act like a friend that's come to visit and help around the house.

Companions Aren't Allowed To Provide Medical Care

Companions aren't allowed to give your parent medical care either. You'll need a home health assistant or nurse for that. The duties of a home companion are outlined by the state, so a companion can't do anything that's beyond the scope of their title.

Companions Can Provide Social Support

Sometimes, a companion may do little more than simply sit with your parent and talk or watch a movie your parent likes. Providing socialization is important for keeping your parent happy when they're home alone. It can also keep your parent out of trouble if you're worried about them doing things they shouldn't, like trying to leave the house.

A companion can provide supervision and call you if a problem arises. They offer mental stimulation and emotional support so your parent has a higher quality of life than they would have if they stayed at home alone every day.

Companion Care Includes Running Errands

A companion can drive your parent to a doctor's appointment, shopping mall, movie, or church. The companion can shop for groceries and help your parent prepare breakfast and lunch. A companion may even accompany your parent to a lunch outing occasionally.

There are many things a companion can do with your parent that could make a big difference to your parent's enjoyment of life and keep them safer at the same time. The things they do depend on your parent's level of cognition, mobility, health, and interest.

You might find a home companion through a home health agency or a companion agency. You can have the companion come as often as you'd like and pay the agency directly. You could have peace of mind knowing your parent is in good hands until you get back home again.

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