Taking Care Of A Diabetic Parent? How Hiring An In-Home Nurse Can Help

If you have an elderly parent that lives with you, you may be his or her caregiver—especially if he or she has an illness like diabetes. However, according to WebMD, a lot of caregivers are at risk for depression, because their role causes daily stress and causes them to neglect their own needs. You may not feel like you have the time to help your parent if you work, go to school, need to run errands, etc. [Read More]

This Is Why Temporary In-Home Care After A Hospital Stay Is A Good Idea For Senior Citizens

Many people end up needing a hospital from time to time, but when a senior citizen stays in a hospital for more than a few days, there are special steps you should take to ensure their safety when they arrive home. One of these steps is hiring a good in-home care service provider that can help to look after your loved one. Not convinced? Then read on to find out why this is such a good idea. [Read More]

3 Personal Care Needs A Senior Home Care Service Can Assist With

Senior citizens who want to age in place usually recognize they will likely require some outside assistance to do so. And while friends and family may be able and willing to offer some assistance, they probably won't be able to help with everything. Additionally, some things may be uncomfortable for both parties. For example, grooming and personal care needs are often better handled by a professional. Here are three personal care needs better left to a senior care service professional. [Read More]