Communication Tips For Talking To Loved Ones With Dementia

When you have a loved one who is beginning to exhibit the symptoms of dementia, you may feel as if you are at a loss. Communicating with your loved one can feel very difficult. No matter where your loved one lives right now, you may discover that communication is getting more difficult. Not sure how to engage? These tips will help you speak with your loved one more effectively. Understand Dementia [Read More]

How To Help Your Senior Loved One Weather The Coronavirus Crisis

If you're like most people with a senior loved one in your life, you've already heard that the novel coronavirus may be more likely to cause serious complications in senior citizens. Because so little is known about this condition, many people are nervous and uncertain about how to minimize their chances of getting it or of passing it on to others. Unfortunately, early research is showing that elderly people are at a greater risk of developing coronavirus, especially among those who have conditions such as diabetes, lung disease, autoimmune disorders, and cardiovascular conditions. [Read More]

Questions You Might Have About Hiring An In-Home Senior Care Service

If a loved one in your life is growing older and is no longer able to care for themselves at home, you may wish to hire an in-home senior care service. These professionals can provide your loved one with services that allow them to remain in their home, in a safe and healthy manner, for longer, rather than having to go into nursing care. Since this is probably a process you have not gone through before, it is normal to have a few questions, such as the following. [Read More]

Home Health Companies Offer Caregiver Options

If your aging loved one is unable to live alone, or if he or she needs specialized medical treatments, a home health company can help you choose which type of caregiver might be right for your loved one's personal situation. Whether your aging loved one requires around-the-clock monitoring, or if he or she simply needs occasional help, home health companies have options to fit many caregiving situations. Here are some services that home health caregivers can offer. [Read More]