Home Health Companies Offer Caregiver Options

If your aging loved one is unable to live alone, or if he or she needs specialized medical treatments, a home health company can help you choose which type of caregiver might be right for your loved one's personal situation. Whether your aging loved one requires around-the-clock monitoring, or if he or she simply needs occasional help, home health companies have options to fit many caregiving situations. Here are some services that home health caregivers can offer.

Skilled Nursing Services

The home health care company can provide your loved one with a registered nurse health care provider who can provide skilled nursing care to the aging adult. The nurse can treat Stage IV decubitus ulcers, administer insulin injections to diabetics, maintain intravenous lines, perform tracheostomy care, and monitor and flush gastronomy tubes.

While some home health agencies only employ certified nursing assistants, most employ both registered nurses and licensed practical nurses. The nurses can also monitor blood glucose levels, administer eye drops for people with glaucoma, provide incision care after surgery, and help the aging individual with physical and occupational therapy exercises. If your elderly loved one requires skilled nursing care, the home health representative can set up an interview with you, your loved one, and the nurse. 

Activities of Daily Living and Chores

A home health caregiver can also assist seniors who do not require skilled nursing services. Some seniors simply need help performing their activities of daily living. For example, caregivers can help seniors who have vision problems with dressing and grooming tasks.

They can also assist those with dementia with meal preparation, bathing, and eating. Caregivers can also provide companionship for seniors who are socially isolated or lonely, and they can also perform household chores such as vacuuming, dusting, and laundry.

If needed, the home health care provider can also drive the elderly individual to medical appointments, grocery stores, and social outings. It is essential that your aging loved one get help if he or she is unable to live independently. When seniors are unable to bathe, brush their teeth, wash their hair, or trim their nails, they may be at risk for infections, rashes, and gastrointestinal problems.

If your aging loved one needs skilled nursing services or simply needs help with bathing, dressing, grooming, or household chores, call a home care health company. The representative of the agency will answer your questions pertaining to the caregivers' qualifications, experience, certifications, and availability.