How To Help Your Senior Loved One Weather The Coronavirus Crisis

If you're like most people with a senior loved one in your life, you've already heard that the novel coronavirus may be more likely to cause serious complications in senior citizens. Because so little is known about this condition, many people are nervous and uncertain about how to minimize their chances of getting it or of passing it on to others. Unfortunately, early research is showing that elderly people are at a greater risk of developing coronavirus, especially among those who have conditions such as diabetes, lung disease, autoimmune disorders, and cardiovascular conditions.

If you're a caregiver for a senior or have a senior family member you're in close contact with, you've undoubtedly already started using best practices concerning catching or transmitting the virus, such as frequent handwashing, using hand sanitizer as an extra layer of protection, avoiding nonessential travel, and staying out of crowded public places as much as possible. But you may be asking yourself if there is anything you can do to make waiting out the virus easier on your senior. Following are four things that you can do to help make a bad situation a little better:

Arrange for Medications to Be Mailed

You've probably already helped your senior loved one stock up on essential foods, beverages, personal care, and home products, but this isn't easy with prescription medication because they require refills. Talk with your senior's physician about available options for having medications delivered by mail. 

Arrange for a Grocery Delivery Service

Community-based coronavirus transmissions most likely occur during the course of most people's everyday routine, such as going to the grocery store. Having groceries delivered won't completely eliminate the risk, but it will definitely cut down on the amount of exposure. It's still important, however, to wipe down cans with food-grade antiseptic wipes and wash fresh produce thoroughly before using it. 

Arrange for Online Social Opportunities

Social isolation is already an ongoing problem for many senior citizens, and social distancing to reduce the coronavirus will make this problem worse. If your senior loved one isn't already on social media of some kind, this might be a good time to introduce that to them so that they can keep up with friends and family. If they've got an active social media account, make sure they're aware of community-based social media pages.  You should also encourage other family members and friends to make a point of keeping in touch with your senior via telephone. 

Arrange for a Senior Home Care Service 

This may be a good time to arrange for a senior home care service to care for your senior in their home. Trained professionals will have more knowledge about best practices to prevent virus transmission. Another benefit of senior home care at this time is that nursing homes residents are currently experiencing high rates of the virus, which means that your senior may be safer at home.