Home Healthcare Could Help Your Loved One After Joint Replacement Surgery

If an elderly member of your family is going in for joint replacement surgery — like hip or knee replacement — they may have weeks or months of recovery. They may need help with daily tasks, like laundry or grocery shopping, and they may need to commit to physical therapy exercises. While you can certainly help your loved one during this time, there may be times when you are unavailable. One way to help your loved one after surgery is by using a home healthcare service. [Read More]

Tips to Hiring a Live in Caregiver for an Obese Loved One

When you think of life in care, you may think of people in hospice or similar needs. The truth is obesity is becoming an increasing issue around the world. In fact, you may be having an issue with a loved one and their obesity becoming too much for them. They may need ongoing and in-home care. One option you may have is around-the-clock in-home caregivers. If this is something you are considering or that you want to look into further, here are some tips for finding the right 24-hour live-in home care aide for your obese family member. [Read More]

The Versatility of Home Care Services

Home care services offer more than the average person realizes. Most people think of it as a 24/7 service where someone essentially moves into the home of a loved one to provide medical supervision. While those services are certainly available, most home care services have so much more to offer. Here's what you need to know. 1. Home Care Services Offer Meal Prep and Nutrition Services From menu planning to shopping for groceries and even preparing the meals, home care services can provide your loved one with safe, nutritional foods that work within their dietary and health guidelines and restrictions. [Read More]

FAQs About Personal Care Assistants For The Elderly

Personal care is a term used to describe the assistance one needs when they are unable to care for their own daily needs. This can include bathing, dressing, toileting, and other needs to keep a person healthy and well-groomed. This type of care covers a broad range of services as well. Many older people need help with daily living, and a personal care worker can provide them with help. What Are Personal Care Duties? [Read More]